Thursday, 6 May 2010

Don Rader Tribute

Check out this short little tribute to Detroit rockabilly Don Rader. It was produced for his Detroit Music Award after his death in 2004. But he was rock 'n' roll grandpap long before he reached old age.

Looking back, this is how the great Rockabilly Hall of Fame reported his death. "The Legendary Don Rader, Detroit's first Rock artist, lost his battle with heart disease at the University Of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor on July 5th. He was 66.

Don Rader was born in Royal Oak Township, (Now Hazel Park) on December 15, 1937. He has been writing, recording, and performing since he was a teenager. Don Rader is well known for songs like "Rock And Roll Grandpap," and "Goodbye, I Hate To See You Go." In 1959, Don moved to Chicago, and later moved to Florida to host his own T.V. show. A few years later, Don moved to Nashville, and recorded his Country hit, "Goodbye, I Hate To See You Go." Don then moved back to Michigan, and wrote, and recorded many more songs, and records.

Don Rader was still writing, recording, and performing around the Detroit area until his death. A tribute show is scheduled for Wendsday, July 28th at Memphis Smoke, in downtown Royal Oak, at 9pm, and is open to all ages. Guests include Scott Campbell, Carl Bradychok, Dave Rowe, Mark Pazman, and many more guests. For more information about Don Rader's life and music, contact:"