Thursday, 29 January 2009

Carlos & the Bandidos - The Good, The Bad & The Bandidos

Carlos & the Bandidos - The Good, The Bad & The Bandidos
Part Records

Track listing: You`re Gone, Gone, Gone, My Poor Old Heart, Miserlou, Come Home To You, My Baby Thinks She`s A Train, You`re Crazy, A Murder Of Crows, I Wish I Had Died In My Cradle, The Alibi, I`m Shakin`, The Devils Slate, Mary Jane, The Sun Shines Brighter, An Unhealthy Obsession, Go On Your Way, The Vanishing Race

Carlos & the Bandidos go from strength to strength with each release enhancing their reputation. This latest release maintains the momentum and sees them taking their sound to new levels of mexibilly. For those unfamiliar with their sound, it’s basically hard-edged rockabilly played to a spaghetti western theme. Paul "Monkey" Maitland, Neil Scott and Roger Van Niekerk lay down a solid, sometimes exotic beat, underpinned by hot guitar picking from Malcolm Chapman. Bringing it all home is Carlos Mejuto who’s vocals are never less than interesting and one of the best on the current rocking scene. This time round we've got the lovely Mr Big Boy Bloater working the desk. There's a few special guests including Lil Lisa (Bloats better Half) on Sax and Dave Priseman playing Trumpet on a couple of tracks

There don’t appear to be any weak spots on the album, but the standouts for me are Mary Jane, Miserlou, An Unhealthy Obsession and the best of all, You’re Crazy, a full-on blasting rocker. Also on the market is a best of Carlos & the Bandidos, a great place for novices to start their Carlos collection. You won’t regret it.

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