Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thats Love - Billy Fury. The Jean Caroll Show - 23 June 1960

Wow - this is astounding. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I'm sure I've never seen this before. Until now the only best primetime Billy Fury clip is the Don't Knock Upon My Door slice of magic from Oh Boy! This clip comes along and it blows my mind. Unfortunately the sound is overdubbed from record, but who gives damn, this is the dogs bollocks. It's nothing short of stunning. Hope you enjoy it - if you don't, I think you're on the wrong blog.

According to the guff, "An American freelance producer of film and video archive material, Ron Furmanek, who is based in New York, discovered this long-lost excerpt on ancient film stock.

Jean Carroll was an American comedienne, who had a short-lived sit-com on US television in the early 1950s.

Paul Rumbol tells me that the clip is from the ATV programme Val Parnell's Spectacular : The Jean Caroll Show. It was recorded on 23 June 1960, and probably broadcast that summer."

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