Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Rockin' Song of the Week No. 97 - The Stargazers

The Stargazers - Rocket Ship To The Moon
CBS Records

I love the Stargazers back in the 80's. Their 1983 album, Watch This Space, seemed to be on my record player a hell of a lot back then. They were a British band with a flair for the big band rock 'n' roll ala Bill Haley and the Comets. Their sound also had a sprinkling of Louis Prima, and they played with the same flair and fun that encapsulated the best of Prima's work. They sort of predate the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Whilsy Hey Marie and Groove Baby Groove are solid rockers, and Tossin' and Turnin' is brilliant, I always had a soft spot for the slower, jazzier number, Rocket Ship To The Moon.

I've just come across a great collectors website. The guy who runs it appears to be mates with original Stargazer Rocky Lee Brawn and it looks like the site will focus on all the records the band recorded and released over the years. Check it out at:

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