Friday, 10 September 2010

Imelda May hits top of Irish Charts

Imelda May's new album ‘Mayhem’ has entered the Irish Album Charts at #1, and her first album Love Tattoo has moved up the charts to #4, making her the first Irish Female Artists to have two albums in the top 5! This is great news for the young Irish singer and she will hopefully have similar success when it's released in the rest of the UK.

Radio 2 have been playing the title song all week and a load of people from my work have commented how much they like it. Rockabilly is coming back!


flip54 said...

Rockabilly went away???? Where was I when that happened?? ;-)

Well done to Mr n Mrs Higham

Mine Old Man

peterrocker said...

I echo that Flip!!!
Their music has just ratcheted the genre up another notch or so. What a great achievement for the band.
Bet Mr H is glad his retirement a few years back was short lived

flip54 said...

Mr & Mrs May ripping up My baby Left me at the huge BBC radio 2 Elvis Forever festival as I write

hot damn!