Monday 11 April 2011

Rockin' Song of the Week No. 103 - Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton - Kiss My Country Ass

Blake Shelton isn't one of my favourite artists, but he's done a couple of things I quite like. I'm not keen on his sentimental radio friendly tack like the massive hit, Austin but like his ballsier stuff like Playboys of the Southwestern World, Hillbilly Bone and The More I Drink. For some reason I'm a sucker for the flag waving, redneck anthems country songs and I think it's fair to classify Kiss My Country Ass as such. The song was released as part of last year's EP Hillbilly Bone and went to number 2 on the country charts. The song was written by Rhett Atkins (who released a version himself), Dallas Davidson and Jon Stone.

If the title hasn't given you a clue as to the song's sentiments, the first verse should clarify. "Well I'm a front-porch sittin', Guitar pickin', moonshine sippin', Backer juice spittin' country boy from the woods, And I love fried chicken & blue gill fishin', And outlaw women, an' I wouldn't change if I could." Still not sure? "I said if you got a problem with any of that, You can kiss my natural born, Redneck to the bone, Ever-lovin' country ass." Amen.

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