Monday, 4 May 2009

The Clash - like watching three Eddie Cochran's

I've just been watching a documentary of my favourite punk band, The History of The Clash and heard a great quote fom one of their early followers. Talking about their live show, the guy said that with their head-on sound and the visual dynamics of the front three, "it was like watching three Eddie Cochran's". What a thought. I'd have been happy just to have seen the one, the closest I ever got was a tongue in my ear from Sharon Sheeley. Nice, but not like watching Eddie baby on stage. About the only link I can think of between Eddie and the Clash is Brian Setzer, who was best mates with Joe Strummer and played the role of Eddie in La Bamba. So here's a few videos of the Clash in their prime, Eddie in his prime and the Stray Cats doing Gene and Eddie.

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