Saturday, 9 May 2009

Imelda May - Don't You Do Me No Wrong

Imelda may continues to make strides towards a successful career on a broader stage than most rockabilly acts have had the fortune to. And while Johnny Got A Boom Boom may not be bona-fida rockabilly in the style of Charlie Feathers, it has the feel and will hopefully lead kids to check out some more rocking stuff. To prove that she can rock with the best, here's a cracking version of Pat Cupp's rockabilly classic, Don't You Do Me No Wrong. Recorded live at The Boardwalk last December, her hot band includes husband Darrel Higham on guitar, Steve Rushton on drums and good ol Al Gare on double bass.

The following clip is a neat little promo that hints at the talent that is Imelda May and will hopefully give some youngsters their first taste of rockabilly. It's shame this clip didn't run for five minutes or so and show a little bit more behind the scenes.

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