Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Jerry Lee Lewis in Melbourne Australia, 1989

In 1989 Jerry Lee played three nights in Melbourne in a Legends of Rock concert series. One of the concerts was televised at the time in Oz, but hasn't been released on video or DVD. It's great to get some unseen professionally shot footage with a white-hot band of Memphis Beats, including Kenny Lovelace, Joel Schumaker and Buck Hutchison. The overhead shots give a wonderful display of the Killer's deadly piano playing. The wild version of Great Balls of Fire will knock yer socks off.

Why You Be Gone So Long

High School Confidential

Whole Lotta Shakin'Going On

Great Balls Of Fire


peterrocker said...

Brilliant as always. I'd forgotten that was shown on TV and it beggars the question - where to ferk is a DVD of it all. I was a member of the audience & had seats close to the stage. The joy of watching the Master will never be forgotten.

Rockabillyville said...

It looked a great show to be at Pete. Was this your first Killer gig?

peterrocker said...

No it wasn't

I lived too far away to see his 1st with Holly etc. but have seen him every other time since. One night he was totally pissed. But I remember Ian Whitcombe writing once that "Drunk or sober, he is the greatest live show on earth"

Gina E. said...

Don't know if anyone will see this comment after so long...My husband and I were watching some DVDs of early rock'n'roll, and we were reminiscing about that concert here, which we attended. It was televised, and we taped it, and watched it many times. I asked hubby if we still had it and he couldn't remember, so I went looking through boxes of old videos. All I found was the box, but the tape wasn't in it. It was a Beta tape, and we kept our old Beta player for years, as a lot of our favourite videos were on Beta. I am so pissed off! We could so easily have transferred it on to a DVD now! Ken has found heaps of clips of the show on YouTube, so somebody out there must have the show on record. Just wish I knew where....
Peterrocker, I also attended the show at Festival Hall the night Jerry Lee was pissed...went the next night too, and what a difference! Poor bugger really got hammered in the media after that first night - it was great!!

peterrocker said...

Hi Gina

Wish I could help re the TV show.
Obviously lost in the archives or detroyed.
However, there is so much on You Tube & everytime you search, more have popped up.
There ain't a lot of his that I haven't got. Got a couple of live concerts (audio only) where he goes off his tree.

master tapes said...

I just found my copy
Love this show mum recorded it with a stereo vcr which was very expensive at the time
I transferred the tape and i have to say it's fantastic quality.
If anyone is interested in a copy email me