Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Gene Vincent T-shirts For Sale

My wife's business, Julabelle Fabrics and Crafts has branched out into making t-shirts, mugs, coasters, mouse mats, etc. Whereas in the past she has concentrated on the arty farty, flowers and prety patterns line, I have persuaded her to make a few rockabilly style t-shirts. She has started with a Gene Vincent one and you're welcome to buy one. To purchase, choose the size you require and click on the Paypal link.

The shirts are 100% cotton and professionally printed using top-of-the-range printers and heat presses. It is the aim of Julabelle to post any items within 24 hours of purchase.

The cost of the t-shirts is only £9.99.

Please note that currently we only ship to mainland UK and Europe.

Cost incl. P&P


Big Cheeze said...

Here's a thought, really would be pretty easy to accomplish as I've done it silk screened on artist's canvas already.

Get a nice pic of Chuck Berry doing the duck walk, convert it to black and white, so you only have his image and then screen that onto a T, no legend or frills. Very recognizable and actually quite nice. Have a three foot one in my office. Seems everyone comments and says, "Hey, Chuck Berry!".

Big Cheeze said...

I'll expect my customary 10%, or else I'll just continue to leech each and every offering you post!

That'll learn ya!

Rockabillyville said...

You de man Big Cheese. The first comment sounds like a plan!!

J said...

Needing assistance from a rockabilly expert. I'm hoping someone can help. So I'm in search of an old 45rpm I had growing up. It's an old rockabilly sounding number & the only snippets of lyrics I can recall are this:

"These blues have got a hold on me, that ain't no lie.
I feel so lonesome, I think I'm gonna lay right down & die
Blue blue blue, blue blue blue
Lord oh lord, I'm feelin' blue"

Any help would be SERIOUSLY appreciated! :) I can be reached via email at muzik_guy2@yahoo.com

Rockabillyville said...

The second line sounds like Sandford Clark, Lonesome For A Letter. Not sure about the rest though. I'm not near any music to be able to check.