Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Hub Caps - 3rd Base

Hub Caps - 3rd Base
Enviken Records

Track Listing:
1. Betty Lou
2. Little Linn
3. Mary Lou
4. I Want U
5. Cindy
6. Sweetheart
7. Warpaint
8. Island Bop
9. Hot Rod Racing
10. Long Blond Hair
11. Tiger
12. I Like It Like That
13. Pretty Little Baby Love
14. Quicksand Love

The Hubcaps are a Swedish band formed in 2001 by Johnny Valentine (guitar and vocals) and Ricky James (slap bass). Dutch drummer Igor Slootman joined the band in 2005 to form the trio they are today. I haven't been aware of their previous releases but their latest on the excellent Enviken label is a blast.

This is pure rock 'n' roll energy and there isn't a weak track on offer. Most of the fourteen songs are original with a couple of great covers. The opening track is a belting rockabilly number in the Pearly Lee category, and if it's as good live as Billy Lee's was then the band are on a winner. There's a few flat out stompers in the style of Jack Baymoore, particularly Little Linn.

They've obviously spent a couple of terms at the School of Dave Edmunds, as his influence looms large on two superb tracks, I Want U and Pretty Little Baby Love. Cindy kicks off in Warren Smith mode before turning into a mid tempo beauty and Island Bop is just so damn hypnotic. The covers of Quicksand Love, Warpaint and Long Blond Hair are great, although they don't quite match Shaky on Tiger.

A wonderful release that's amongst the best modern CD's of the year. Brilliant.

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firststrikesolutions said...

Do the Hubcaps have a website? Are they still playing?