Wednesday 9 February 2011

Bill Haley - 30th Anniversary

The great Bill Haley died 30 years ago today. Much loved by many he was acknowledged as the "Father of Rock and Roll", and while there might be others who can lay euqal claim to that title, he certainly deserves any accolades he gets. When he became the first major rock star to visit Britian, his shows caused a riot and have become one of the defining moments in rock history.

His big band rock 'n' roll still stands the test today, with the Comets sound of sax, guitar, bass, drums and piano being the standard line-up for many a rockin' band. To Joe Public he's best known for his kiss curl, Rock Around The Clock and Shake Rattle & Roll, but my top 5 favourites are;

1. Skinny Minnie
2. Rock The Joint
3. Razzle Dazzle
4. Whoa Mabel!
5. Birth of the Boogie

My wife likes Bill Haley more than I do, and her favourite without a shadow of a doubt is ABC Boogie.

RIP Bill.

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