Friday, 10 April 2009

The Boy in Black

Little John & Pleasant Hill Band - Folsom Prison Blues

As the old heroes die off you always wonder where the next generation will come from to keep our music alive. I still think of Dwight Yoakam as the next generation and he must be in his 50's now. Fear not for the music of Johnny Cash because today i've seen two acts that play Johnny Cash muisic, and between them they've probably got a total age of 22. I'll be reviewing Vince Mira later who aim's to take his music to the top. Here though is some little fella from, I assume, Pleasant Hill, wherever that is, who at the moment must be thinking more about when he's going to lose his milk teeth more than what fame awaits him on Music Row. What a talent he looks though, dig his picking on the solo. From December 2008, here's Little John & the Pleasant Hill Band. Take it away, John....

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