Tuesday, 7 April 2009

youTube - Stray Cats-Bring it Back Again/Runaway Boys

From an outdoor concer in Kaivari, Finland on 4.6.1989. The two songs are split by a short black and white interview with Slim Jim who looks so cool, and so young and tells the guy that this reunion was for the long term. He said that the magic they have as a band keeps bringing them back together. Let's hope it does in the future.

The concert footage is high quality, obviously done for television. I'd love to see the whole show as the camera angles are in-their-face and the trio sound superb. There's a boppin' country fell to Bring it Back Again, especially in Brian Setzer's guitar. It's a wondeful version that gives the issued single a run for it's money. There's a neo-rockabilly edge to Runaway Boys and it might just be my ears, but it sounds slightly slower than I'm used to. A great clip, that's the best seven minutes I've spent today.

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