Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week - Number 53

Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'n' Roll Trio - Tear It Up (live)
Wins LP 1010 / Hydra BCK 27110

I'm not sure what the world record is for using the word legend in one sentence but you could slip the world into so many places in the following. This live track comes from the Johnny Burnette Trio, from the Paramount Theatre in New York in the summer of 1956 with an introduction from the mc, Alan Freed. His show band play alongside the trio, among their ranks, Panama Francis, Big Al Sears and Sam "The Man" Taylor. Anyone who doubted Paul Burlison's ability will be blown away by his playing, including a pepped up intro. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be there, as JB and his southern boys gave the Big Apple kids a taste of manic southern rockabilly. The sound quality is excellent, but not clear enough to hear much from the brass department! Who needs sax when the Trio can play like this. The screaming girls and the storming beat make this more exciting than Coral managed to capture. A breathtaking performance.

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