Friday, 26 June 2009

King of Pop - my arse

So Elvis Presley's one-time son-in-law has died. Being a country music fan I like a fiddler, but not a kiddie one. I usually find it strangely sad when a celebrity dies, even if it's someone I wasn't a fan of - but not this time, I can't see the fascination with Michael Jackson. Can you name one of his songs since Thriller 25 years ago?

For me the music world has a couple of great Jackson's and it's their music that will get played in my house. So here's to Bullmoose Jackson and his Big 10-Inch Record and to the Fujiyama Mama, Wanda Jackson.

Recommended Listening: The only Bullmoose Jackson CD I've got is the old Charly one, with great r'n'b claassics, like I Want a Bowlegged Woman, Nosey Joe, Watch My Signals and the infamous, raunchy, Big 10-Inch Record. As for Wanda, where to start. I'm sure you've all got some Wanda, but if not get the Ace or Bear Family.

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flip54 said...

Tragic news about the king of pop dying but I can only name one song by Sky Saxon and the Seeds from the 60s - - - - - - :-)))