Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week No. 56 - Hi-Voltage

High Voltage - Gasoline

High Voltage are quality quintet from Edinburgh who have built a reputation as one of the top bands on the scene. I loved their I Gotta Gun album from last year and dug the vocals and guitar work of Vince Turner and Paul Peterson. The other band members at the time were Big Al on doghouse bass, Ian Morris on drums and Kenny Tomlinson on sax. Gasoline comes from the 2006 release Rockin' Dance Floor Hits. Written by Turner and Peterson and is one of those western tinged rockabillies I'm suck a sucker for. Mack Stevens was great at these in his Rollin' Rock days and Gasoline is reminiscent of his best work then. Kicking off like the Tennessee Two meets the Planet Rockers, it has hints of Ghose Riders In The Sky without actually stealing any of the licks.

Recommended listening: The saxy instrumental stroller When The Big Cats Walk, the straight rockabilly Let's Rock Tonight with a hot guitar and the relentless John Lee Hooker boogie of Rock No More. From I Gotta Gun try My Gal Lillie and Pretty Baby.

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