Sunday, 12 July 2009

Els Versteijnen - RIP

Els Versteijnen
21st May 1948 - 8th July 2009

Els Versteijnen, the wife of Piet died on 8th July after a long illness. Els was a great, long-time fan of Jerry and a good friend to the whole Lewis family and to all of us fans.

Els was a familiar sight at Jerry's shows for over 20 years and often wore a red hat like the one in the picture - Jerry could always spot Els from the stage! Wherever Jerry goes there are long-time fans he knows and trusts. In Holland it was Wim and Ans, and Piet and Els. When Jerry thought a promoter would try to claim back his fee - it was Els and Piet who Jerry trusted to hide the money.

Els had a long standing relationship with Jerry Lee's daughter Phoebe and they often went shopping together whether it was in Memphis, in Holland or in Bocholt.

Els was a happy, friendly person, always smiling and will be greatly missed on the Jerry Lee scene. I never knew Els personally, but her warmth was legendary among the Killer's fans and as such I feel that her life should be remembered. (Thanks to Graham Knight for the majority of this tribute).

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