Thursday, 16 July 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week No.58 - Big Bad John (for John Hartson)

Welsh footballer John Hartson, 34, is currently facing a fight for life after being diagnosed with cancer of the testicles, brain and lungs. Today he has undergone emergency neurosurgery on his brain and is in a critical condition in a Swansea hospital.

I've watched Big John in the flesh for Wales about half a dozen times and everytime he gave you 100 per cent. He led the line in formidable fashion, giving the defenders a rough ride - he knew where the goal was as well. He might not have been the most mobile player to bless our red shirt, but he wore his heart on his sleeve and the fans love and respect that. There was a spell a few years ago at the Millenium where they used to play Big Bad John in tribute, so I'm going to do the same.

I and no doubt fans around the country wish him all the best. I hope you pull through Big John.

As for the song, Big Bad John was a massive hit for country singer Jimmy Dean in 1961, a perfect bit of Nashville countrypolitan. Ironically, the song tells the tale of an heroic miner, a profession that was once the major one in Wales. Another parallel between the two is that Jimmy Dean went onto become famous for making sausages, whilst JH was a bit of porker.

Little known fact No.1 - Phil's ex Mair taught the young JH in a school in Swansea.

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