Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Elvis Is Everywhere No. 3 - Snowdon

I climbed Snowdon this weekend, it's trhe tallest mountain in Wales and is a bloody long way up and not surprisingly, just as long down. Anyhoots, who should I meet up at the top but none other than Elvis Presley. I know Elvis is everywhere, but I didn't think that would mean Snowdon. Then again, he the King of Rock.

He did a few requests in a short set that included, You Gave Me A Mountain, Cying In Capel Curig, the alternate Way Down (Way Up), Little Cabin On The Hill, Walk A Mile In My Hiking Boots, So High before closing with the Kissin' Cousins classic, Smokey Mouintain Boy. Thankfully he gave I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell a miss. If there's any tracks he could have done, check the comments below and I'll bet Uncle Phil will have come up with a boxset full.

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flip54 said...

Least it wasn't Cliff

when does walking up a path count as climbing BTW ;-)

Summit For Everybody
Suspeakious Minds
Shale Have To Go
So High

Big Boots