Tuesday, 8 December 2009

youTube - Blue Cats - Wild Night

This was one of the great rockabilly singles of the 80's. I don't remember hearing it on the radio but it was a highlight of the Best of British Rockabilly vinyl lp which I think was on Raucous. I've got it in the cupboard here but my misses is sat in the way watching The Mist. The clip here was posted by the Blue Cats' very own Clint Bradley who says in the blurb that it was "Single Of The Week in Sounds 1981. Recorded in Paris 1981." Primetime rockabilly revival. Play it loud and marvel at the sound. Why can't rockin' bands get on the tele nowadays?

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flip54 said...

Yup I bought it after reading the Sounds review,great single

was it written by Aaron Schroeder perchance ;-)))