Thursday, 5 February 2009

Cordwood Draggers - A Good Ol' Country Jamboree


Track listing: Gamblin' Man / Jukebox You & Me Girl / Beady Lil' Eyes / Hole In My Pirogue / Enter The Heart / Simple Lies & Half Truths / Rositta / Let's Tie The Knot / You Never Looked Sweeter / Feel True Love / That Gal's Not Mine / Cried In Knots Again / Lover's Moon.

Formed in 2002, The Cordwood Draggers are a British hillbilly band who have evolved from a trio to a quartet. Mick Cocksedge is the chief songwriter, vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Eddie Potter plays lead guitar, Tony Hillerbrandt is what's commonly known as a drummer and the guy who slaps the bass is the bass player. Simple - just like the best hillbilly. For this new release, the band are joined by Phil Morgan (pedal Steel), Dave Priseman (trumpet) , Jim Morrison (fiddle) & Slim (Accordian & Piano). It was recorded over just four days in 2007 by Mark Rankin at Miloco Studios, London.

They have a pure hillbilly sound with all but three tracks coming from Cocksedge. The majority of them are melodic, uplifting affairs that could easily have been written 50 years ago. Listen to numbers like the opener, Gamblin' Man or the wonderful Jukebox You & Me Girl then listen to Big & Rich and tell me who should be on every jukebox in every Waffle House in every one horse town in Texas. Rositta is given the Marty Robbins touch while Let's Tie The Knot is circa 1954 in everything but it's actual timeline. Johnny Horton's Hole In My Pirogue is given an engaging reading that would have made ol' Tilman spin his bass.

A fabulous album that will appeal to fans of Wayne Hancock, BR549 or country fans in general. The songs are clever, not your run-of-the-mill, country music by numbers fodder, expertly played, topped off with engaging vocals - this package comes highly recommended.

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