Monday, 9 February 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week - Number 31

Jesse Al Tuscan and the Lumberjacks - 88 AM - Tail Records (2000)
Jesse Al Tuscan and the Lumberjacks are a dynamic quartet from Berlin, Germany who recorded for the great Swedish label Tail Records. I'm not sure whether the band are still going because they're website seems to have stopped updating a couple of years ago - hopefully they're still drinking good German beer and ripping the joints apart with their brand of fireball rock 'n' roll. Singer and rhythm guitarist Alexander Arndt has got a great Elvisy style, swooning and swaggering with Martin Herzog playing some tasty lead licks. Tail Records uses a 50's recording studio using vintage recording equipment which gives all their releases that authentic rocking sound. 88 AM sounds for all the world like it was cut at Sun circa 1956 - it's full of rumbling guitar, menacing vocals and I could picture this little ditty spinning around on a yellow 45.
Recommended downloads: Rockin Motorcycle, You're Tempting Me, Set Him Free and Bear Hug a duet with Eva Eastwood.

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