Thursday, 5 February 2009

Jack Baymoore - Where are you?

What the hell's happened to Jack Baymoore and the Bandits? They haven't split and are still playing shows in 2009, but it's half a decade since their last album. While we wait for the next one, here's a little reminisce about their golden days.

They were formed in the spring of 1996, when Kent Vikmo hooked up with a veteran group of pickers who'd all been regulars on the Swedish rockabilly scene. The band play an uncompromising rockabilly style, with firecracker guitar solos and with hot vocals from Baymoore. Very much the leader of the pack, he takes great pride in the bands authentic sound, and writes the bands originals in a style very much in keeping with the '50s themes that he holds dear.

After building a reputation as a cracking live band, they had four songs on the Tails records compilation album "Rough Tough Rockabilly Vol. 2". Released in November 1996 it features the storming, flat-out rockabilly anthem, "A-V8 Boogie", which swiftly became a dance floor favourite across Europe. It was the only modern song that Mark Lamarr played on his Radio 2 programme. Such was the success of the song that it was released as a single in April 1997.

In November 1997, they released their debut album, a 10" LP "Roarin' Down The Track!" on Tail Records. They toured Europe, playing Hemsby and The Rockabilly Rave. To date they've also starred at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend and the massive festival in Green Bay. In the spring of '99 they re-released the vinyl album on CD together with the single cuts and their other tracks from the Rough tough comp (listen to Fireball Roberts if you're feet are itching). 1,000 copies were printed on the initial print run and they sold out on the day of release. In November that year they issued an all new album, Big Boys Rock which was a master class in modern day rockabilly (listen to A-Bomber Boogie or Jo-Anne).

Their last album was Diggin' Out!, again on Sweden's Tail records. It maintained the bands high standards and even had a couple of numbers in the Elvis '56 mode which worked beautifully with backing vocals and piano (Too Fall In Love and I Wish You Were Here). Other boppers that more than hit the mark were Partycrashers Bop and Bankrobbin' Rock & Roll.

Come on boys, get recording - it'll soon be time for the Son of Fireball Roberts.

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Baltus said...

10-minute film from the Elvis-Birthday Show 2012 filmed in Berlin, Germany. The 3 featured songs are:
performed by JACK BAYMOORE (Sweden) and IKE & the CAPERS (Germany)