Saturday, 14 February 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week - Number 38

Go-Katz -Walkin' Talkin' Johnny Cash Blues (Raucous Records RAUCD215)
Classic neo-rockabilly quartet The Go-Katz are the brainchild of Raucous Records owner Howard Raucous who formed the band back in 1986. With himself on lead vocals the earliest line-up was a five piece with Giles " Beaker" Brett and Andy Young on guitars, Mark "Moff" Moffat on bass and Johnny "Wolf" Basford on drums. They started off in Loughborough, England, a town more famous for it's sports college than it's rockabilly bands. As a vehicle for their first EP Howard launched Raucous Records and the rest as they say is history. Walkin' Talkin' Johnny Cash Blues is taken from their Maniac EP which features a demo from their first session together with two great covers of Johnny Powers' Long Blond Hair and the Meteors' Maniac. WTJCB is about taking speed, something the drummer and guitarist must have done before this take. It's breathless stuff and should appeal to rockabillies and psychos alike. If you don't want to jump around to this you better get the doctor, coz you're coming down with something.
Recommended downloads: Maniac, Long Blond Hair and the gloriously frantic Real Gone Demented Hillbilly Cat, which does pretty much what the title suggests.

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