Saturday, 21 November 2009

Klassic Killer Klips #2 and #3

The Killer in glorious home movie colour live footage from July 18th 1971 at an open air gig in Attica, Indiana, filmed by French super fan Pierre Pennone.

This absolutely blew me away, could be 58 and the High School Confidential truck scene all over again, no jump suit, bodyguards, etc. JLL just strolls out from a hut to the samll stage and the audience are sitting on chairs like a revival meeting - the first assembly of basicroadhousestomp.

It hasn't got the original sound, it has dubbed on JLL live in Vegas from the BF vinyl box set,so what it`s still fercyn brilliant.

Kenny Lovelace is there of course and the late Bill Strom on keyboards. Less than a year later I saw them all for the first time in May 72 at the Empire Liverpool, a show I`ll remember until my dying day, and shortly after in August at the famed London Rock n Roll show at Wembley Stadium London with Billy Fury, Bo, L Richard, Bill Haley and Chuck, all for £2.50!

JLL has been ripping up joints over continental Europe recently, here he is rockin his life away forever and ever amen in Stavenger Norway,bet Mack Vickery is smiling up therein the honky tonk in the sky, absolutely stunning quality on this clip.

Flip Lee D

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