Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week No.87 - Paul Carnes

Paul Carnes - I'm A Mean Mean Daddy
PRC LO8W-4417/8 (1960)

PRC was a Hollywood label. Terry Gordon says on his site that "Both sides are published by Starday Music, indicating it was probably a Package Deal record, but it is not part of the numerical series. It is also unusual for a PD record in that it was pressed by RCA."

Nothing seems to be known about Paul Carnes, but that shouldn't be the case. If Mean Mean Daddy is anything to go by, this guy should have been recorded regularly. It's a pure rockabilly gem and it's sound belies the 1960 date. It sounds like something from '56 with a big infusion of hillbilly in the mix. The lyrics are definately from a '50s man, a time when it really was a man's world. "Well I left my girl in a little ol shack, she better frind another coz I ain't going back, coz I'm a mean mean daddy". Yeah, Mr Carnes was a mean mean daddy, but he sure did have a lotta fun. So do I, every time I hear this record - a rockabilly classic.

best place to find it is the Buffalo Bop CD (Bb-CD 55026), Mean Mean Daddy, probably the best compilation the label bought out. There's at least a dozen tip top rockers on it.

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