Sunday, 15 November 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week No.86 - Porky's Good Luck Charms - In Your Dreams

Porky Coates is one hell of a unique singer, one of the finest in the UK. It's his ballads and country edged stuff that gets to me, more so than his rockers. And it's from the country side of town that we get In Your Dreams. Written by Porky, the song is on the Foot Tapping five track EP of a couple of years ago. The Good Luck Charms were Jeff Bayly, Scotty Roberts and "T" Tsuyoshi Okuma. The twangy guitar and Porky's vocals make this is a classic western bopper. The guitar is so grumbling I had to take an aspirin. Check out Hey Mr Wildman while you're there, it's one of those hard rockin' harmonica blues rockers that sound soooo great loud.

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