Saturday, 14 November 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week No.85 - Marty Brown

Rockin' Song of the Week No.85 - Marty Brown - I'd Rather Fish Than Fight

Marty Brown was one of the nearly-men of the early CMT years. I thought he was great, and that in itself sort of doomed him and ensured he'd never make it big time. He's hardcore country, the type that would have Shania running for the barn (there's a thought hey!). He was born in Maceo, Kentucky where he was raised and worked the tobacco fields. As you do when you come from that neck of the woods and sing country music, Brown made his way to Nashville, where he should have found fortune and fame. To be fair, he did to a certain degree - let's face it, I'm 4,000 miles away and I'm a fan.

He recorded four albums for MCA, with his first two, High And Dry and Wild Kentucky Skies being great. They are hard-edged honky tonk records with the rockers being particularly strong. Brown signed for the highly tasteful Hightone label and his Here's To the Honky Tonks for them was again an artistic success even if the charts didn't reflect so. Over the years he toured with such heavyweights as Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and Hank Williams, Jr. I understand he still performs but he should be so much more.

I'd Rather Fish Than Fight is from 1993, and was pushed with a video that had heavy rotation on CMT at the time. Produced by Richard Bennett and Tony Brown, the backing crew included no less than Larrie London, Buddy Emmons, Marty Stuart and Stuart Duncan. No wonder if rocks like crazy, these guys have been around the block a bit. If you haven't heard this song, believe me - you should. This is a brilliant uptempo hillbilly bopper that is better than Wayne Hancock at his best - and that is some compliment. The most overlooked song in country music during the 90's.

Recommended downloads: Too many, but try Honky Tonk Special which was BR549 before they were even formed. It sounds like them at a Hank Williams Convention. Your Sugar Daddy's Long Gone is another great slice of honky tonk. From the slower end of the market, try In My Wildest Dreams, and have a look-see at the youTube clip below.

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