Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Rhythm Aces - Hand Me Down Suits 'n' Hobnail Boots

Track listing: You Lied To Me / 78rpm / Tunnel Of Love / Ten Bob Millionaire / Doin' The Creep / What's The Matter Baby? / Life At The Top / The Fabulous Rosina / Carry On Teddy Boy / The First Teenager / I'm Bad.

Shropshire band The Rhythm Aces are causing a stir on the rock ‘n roll scene are fast developing a reputation as one of the hottest new Teddy Boy bands around. I saw them at the Rockers Reunion and after Mike Sanchez were the best thing on the bill, easily out-performing a woefully pedestrian Sleepy LaBeef, and for my money, a lot better than the showy Lucas and the Dynamos.

Hand Me Down Suits ‘n’ Hobnail Boots is their much anticipated debut album featuring a dozen self-penned numbers. Being a ted band there’s obviously a lot of heavy bass lines and hypnotic rhythms, but they don’t just thrash away aimlessly. They write unusual songs that are never less than interesting and you get the impression that this is a well thought out album. No writing a song in ten minutes on the way to the studio, but actually crafting them.

The opener, You Lied To Me has plenty of drum work going on and the guitar solo has a hint of Cliff and the Shadows. 78rpm sounds like a cross between Tommy Steele and the Riverside trio – if that makes sense!! Tunnel of Love is bopper with a tasty guitar figure running through it. Cosh Boy is in the Stray Cat Strut mould with lyrics to match the menacing stroller beat.
Ten Bob Millionaire is pure rockabilly and a real highlight of the album. What's The Matter Baby rocks along nicely with a couple of guitar nods to Scotty Moore and Luther Perkins. Life At The Top is a great bit of skifflebilly that is one of those unusual numbers that make them different enough to stand out from the crowd.

The Fabulous Rosina is a hard rockin’ tribute to a fit chick with great drums and guitar and - “ a pocket rocker teaser”. Carry On Teddy Boy is a no-holds barred anthem that could become their signature song. The First Teenager thunders along with an Eddie Cochran feel before the album closes out with the atmospheric I’m Bad.


The Sugar Bowl said...

Saw the Rhythm Aces last Friday night and thought they had a great sound. The lads seemed to be having fun on stage and the crowd loved them x

Maria said...

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