Sunday, 1 March 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week - Number 46

Don Feger with The Embers -Look Out Baby (Ebony 103)

I know next to nothing about Don Feger and what I have gathered has come pretty much from Terry Gordon's awesome Rockin' Country Style website. Feger appears to have had two releases on the Abilene, Texas label, Ebony. As they also appear to be the only releases on the label, I suppose it's safe to assume that Ebony is a vanity label started by Feger to get his records out there. Look Out Baby is one of those joyous numbers that has the full package of backing vocals, excitable vocals (oh yay-a) and a piano player working his fingers to the bone even though he's so low in the mixx you can almost miss him. I love it, it's everything I love about rockin' music. If you can't afford or find the single get it on Greasy Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 5. As it says on the Greasy album, "they'll be jiving in the urinals to this one" - can't say better than that.

Recommended downloads: The wonderful drooling vocals on the rockabilly classic, Date On The Corner.

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