Thursday, 26 March 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week - Number 52

Hot Rockin' - One More Star (Foot Tapping Records)

Hot Rockin' front man Porky is a legend. Larger than life, he has a wonderful voice that although at times can sound a bit flat, it has a delightful soulfulness. As readers of my page will know, I loved his version of the early 60's Elvis song, Angel, which was so much better than the original. A song I've been playing to death lately comes from an earlier album, One More Star, a tribute to Britain's finest, Billy Fury. The lyrics incorporate some of his song titles to a backing that at times sounds like Fury's Cross My Heart. Guitarist Chris Finn should take some credit for some apt picking that echoes the early 60's era. A heartfelt tribute that is one of the best of this type, up there with Carl Perkins' EP Express and the Stray Cats' Gene And Eddie.

Recommended downloads: No Heart To Spare, Suzie's Got A New Hairdo, the western flavoured Lowdown in El Paso and a pepped up version of Jack Scott's My True Love.

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