Monday, 30 March 2009

Rockabilly Pride

I was driving home earlier listening to the BBC Radio 2 documentary from a couple of years ago, When Rockabilly Ruled The Waves, OK. I've played it a few times before, but there was something this time that made me feel different. Normally I wonder when, or if, rockabilly will ever become this popular again, and lament it's apparent slow death. This time though, I didn't worry about the future, I just felt proud that I was into rockabilly. I write this site because I love the music and want to do my bit to keep it alive. I admire the record label owners and promoters who put their money where their mouth is, and I marvel at the musicians who play for little reward. I haven't got the dosh or the location to run a label and I can't play an instrument, so all I can do is write about the music I love. About a hundred odd people visit the page everyday, and while that isn't exactly going to cause a musical revolution, I enjoy it and if anyone reads a review that leads to them buying a CD or going to see a band live, then great. As Darrel Higham says in the documentary, you feel so passionately for the music, you just want it to stay alive.

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