Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week - Number 51

Los Raw Meat - Shots! (Sleazy Records)

This manic Spanish quartet are a more potent Barcelona foresome than Eto'o, Henry, Messi and Ronaldinho ever were. Oscar Novell is a wild vocalist, Marti Gallen plays an explosive guitar and Alvar Costache and Juan Garces maintain a formidable rhythm. Shots! Is a modern day classic, a relentless bopper full of energy and menace. The chorus is full of hiccupy vocals with loads of chuggin', scratchin' pickin'. If you like Runnin' Wild's Killer Taco Stomp (who couldn't?), you'll love this and their Sleazy LP could be just for you. Whilst the Spanish take the sporting world apart with the tennis, soccer and cycling, their rockabilly bands continue to shine as well.

Recommended downloads: Raw Meat, the boppers Beat of Love and La Puri and the two hot instros Aauuuaaahhh! And Armadillo Hurricane.

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