Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week No. 59 - Boom Boom Cats

The Boom Boom Cats - Rooster in a Henhouse
(from Tell Me Who... Told You 'Bout Lovin' - Vinylux CD V0006)

The Boom Boom Cats were a quartet of young rockers from Baltimore, Maryland who seem to have hit the scene running and disappeared as quickly as they arrived. The mainstays of the band were singer and chief songwriter Eddie MacIntosh and wicked guitarist called Joe! The rhythm section Mark Pettijohn on drums and bass player Lee Verzosa lay down a solid beat but it’s the guitar that shines throughout Tell Me Who... Told You 'Bout Lovin'. My favourite on the album is Rooster In The Henhouse, a boppin’ bit of hillbilly with Eddie and Joe both in fine form.

Recommended downloads: the sparce rockabilly boppers, Tell Me Who and Everytime That Record Plays. Of the covers, Crazy Crazy Lovin' is most acceptable, true to the original with hot guitar all over it.


eddie said...

The Boom Boom Cats went on to become THe GARNET HEARTS (still with Mark Pettijohn and singer Eddie MacIntosh) THey just played at Viva Las Vegas this year! Great Article! The boys have kept true to the sound and even do some boom boom cats numbers in thier set.
Also, Eddie is a Huge Celtic fan and dedicated a song to John Hartson recently

Rockabillyville said...

Thanks Eddie, I'll look out for the Garnet Hearts. Glad to hear they did a song for John, what did they sing?