Friday, 28 August 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week No. 67 - Andy Rose - Lov-A Lov-A Love

Andy Rose - Lov-A Lov-A Love
Aamco 100

I know nothing about Andy Rose and to my knowledge the only song of his I have is Lov-A Lov-A Love on the Solid Stroll Volume 4 CD. Lov-A Lov-A Love was the flip side of Just Young when it came out in August 1958 on the small new York label, Aamco. Rose shows a bit of talent on the singing front and the guitar is okay, but it was never going to be a hit record. The charts in those days were full of Eddie, Jerry Lee and Elvis, and Aamco had no way to put a song like this in that league. There's a 31 track CD of his songs available and the title, Just Another Classroom Cutie Teen Idol, gives a strong hint as to his sound. If you like a stroller with a strong beat and an amiable voice, this is a more than decent record and is well worth a listen.

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