Sunday, 23 August 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week No. 65 - Steve Earle - Angel Is The Devil

Steve Earle - Angel Is The Devil
From Train A Comin’ CD

I loved the early work of Steve Earle but haven’t really been interested in the later stuff – too folky for me. The electric twang went awol and in its place came mandolin and a more boring sound. 1995’s Train a Comin' did have a beauty in Angel Is The Devil. It’s acoustic and doesn’t have the drive of the best moments of Guitar Town and Exit O but it’s very listenable. Earle was just out of the can and getting over drug addiction when he cut the Train A Comin’ album which he described as his “unplugged album”. I think the reason I like is so much is that it’s sounds like a lot of the young skifflebilly groups I used to dig like the Skiff Skats and Terry and Gerry. “Now she's the kind a woman, keep you comin' back for more, Got the kind of face, you swear you seen someplace before, Coulda` been your mamma, Coulda' been a Mexican whore, She's the devil I know”.

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