Sunday, 9 August 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week No. 60 - Ellis and the Angry Teens

Ellis and the Angry Teens - Don't Mess With The Teds
Goofin' EP GRCD 684

Ellis & The Angry Teens are a Teddy Boy trio from Finland who have enjoyed a status as one of the top ted bands in Europe. Lead singer and guitarist Ellis famously joked that rockabilly was born in Finland in 1975, not in America, citing Teddy & The Tigers as the inspiration. They’ve recorded a handful of albums over the years and they’re all peppered with future teddy boy anthems.

My favourite is the Alcohol EP from 1998 with two classics of the genre in We Like Alcohol and Don’t Mess With The Teds. The latter is like the 70’s revisited, all echo, attitude and energy ala Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers in their prime. On it’s release on Goofin’ it was destined to be a hit on the rock ‘n’ roll circuit, steeped in the sound of the teddy boy legends, Johnny & the Jailbirds, the Riot Rockers and the Flying Saucers. The song advises folks that the best way to avoid a good kickin’-in is to cross the road and don’t mess with the teds. It comes with a couple of hot guitar solos and a few rebel yells. Classic teddy boy music.

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