Thursday, 15 October 2009

The 27th Annual Rockers Reunion Winter Party line-up announced

Great news. The line-up has just been announced for the 27th Annual Rockers Reunion Winter Party at the Rivermead Leisure Complex in Reading, England on Saturday 23rd January 2010. I was worried that there might not be one this year as the line-up has been so long in being confirmed. Fear not, it's on and what a line-up.

Promotors Willie Jeffrey and Ian Wallis have pulled out all the stops and give us what should be a fantastic night. The promotion, in their words reads as follows:

"Rockers Reunion is privileged to host an appearance by Texan rock 'n' roller GENE SUMMERS. He will rock your socks off with a show that is crammed full of club favourites like 'School of Rock 'n' Roll', 'Straight Skirt', 'Twixteen' and 'Fancy Dan'. Not to be missed.

Along with the late and missed CSA, the most popular act at Rockers Reunion has been those Welsh Wildmen CRAZY CAVAN AND THE RHYTHM ROCKERS. They are back to close our show in their own inimitable style.

THE JETS took rock 'n' roll into the charts during the period 1981-84 and have stayed true to our scene for a further 25 years. We are proud to welcome the Cotton brothers for their Rockers Reunion debut.

Another Rockers Reunion favourite is the irrepressible JOHNNIE FOX. Tonight is the debut gig for his brand new band. Don't expect a tender and reflective set from the great man. He will be giving it some.

Almost anything can happen when PORKY'S HOT ROCKIN' hit the stage. Expect a zany, in your face, no holds barred performance. Do not miss their show nor our opening act THE LONESOME VALLEY BOYS who have come rollin' out of the Deep South on a mission to rock 'n' roll. They have an exciting future."

Tockets for the show are now on sale at £23 in advance or £26 on the day. Cheques or postal orders should be made out to Dixie Fried Music and sent with a stamped self-addressed envelope to:- Ian Wallis, 111 Worlds End Lane, Orpington, Kent BR6 6AW.
Callers are welcome between 9 am and 5 pm Mondays - Fridays or telephone 01689 860980. Tickets can also be purchased from the RIVERMEAD BOX OFFICE 0118 901 500. Or at any rock 'n' roll venue from WILD CAT PETE 01494 672605. Credit card purchases (subject to a £2 booking fee) can be made from VIV BRITTAN on 01522 752453. Stall enquirires should directed to WILD WILLIE JEFFERY on 01883 714289.


flip54 said...

Deer Santah
plis kan lil Shawnie un mee gow 2 thee raucous reonion iff wee ar spesially gwd ( wee stil whant thee Beti Paige deeveedees tho)
cuzzin Fflip (aged 55 and a half)

Rockabillyville said...

Only if you keep getting your homework done on time. I haven't anything since his Chuck Berry piece a week ago! Flippar can do it, he just seems too occuoied with girls (of the Bettie Page persuasion). Miss Crabappale.