Saturday, 10 October 2009

Flip's Clips No.1 - Hank Snow

An Occasional Visual Treat aka Flip`s Clips

youTube is to music fans what early eBay was to vinyl collectors. Loved Mister Hank Snow since hearing his Nobody`s Child on an old RCA country EP,I only knew the cool Billy Fury version back in the mid 60s.

When Shaun and I visited the Great Escape record store on Broadway in Nashville I picked up a great Opry promo pic of Hank at the vintage mic and a few years later Shaun got me a great autograph of Mr Snow to frame alongside the pic, now sits here above the PC. I also picked up a great promo 45 of I Don't Hurt Anymore and his Sings Jimmie Rodgers LP.

Hank, like say Marty Robbins, couldn't be pegged to one style, he often dabbled in proto rockabilly and was a great singer, songwriter , always had great sidesmen in his Rainbow Ranch Boys and always dressed like a star (probably to make up for the rags he wore in his often difficult years as an abused child).

This clip of him doing his Uber-classic I`m Movin On is amazing, sounds just like the recording even though this Opry clip is from 1967. There are earlier clips on the tube of you but this is in glorious technicolour, breathtaking outfits, small in stature (but a giant talent) the oh so cool (ahem!) Mr Snow lives up to his name in a blaze of red and the canary yellow suits of da Boys are only outmatched by epic black and white spat like boots, these boots are made for strumming, enjoy - - - -

Check out the man`s music on Bear Family, if you can't afford the mega boxes then I highly recommend the single cds Snow On The Tracks (rail songs natch) or especially the Goldrush Is Over probably the best comp ever.

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Rockabillyville said...

Flip, do you think the fiddler learnt to saw in the ol' wood shed with little Jimmie?