Saturday, 17 October 2009

Flip`s Instro Gems # 2

Flip`s Instro Gems # 2 - Dick Dale & the Del-Tones -Misirlou

For me the best bits of Quentin Tarrantino`s movies are the soundtracks as he seems to also own chunks of my 45 rpm collection! When Pulp Fiction came out albums, 45s and those darn new fangled cds by Chuck, The Statler Brothers and especially surf geetar gawd Dick Dale flew out of the oldie section hidden in cobwebby dark corners in smelly old soap sud boxes marked 5 for a $1 into frontal chart demographed brightly lit megastore windows and dispaly areas (now sadly given over to Playstaion and the like even in venerable old music outlets like HMV in the UK). I mean I even sat thru the bloody mayhem of Kill Bill just to hear Charlie Feathers classic Rollin' Rock cut, well ok - and to ogle Ms Urman`s slinky frame.

Meanwhile back at the ranch this classic movie clip is taken from the long forgotten teen flick A Swinging Affair, a sorta surf meets Rocky (not with Mr Bullwinkle either), the only cats member I`ve heard of is the great Teri Garr who went onto flicks like Close Encounters of 3rd kind and Tootsie and on many US tv progs like Frasier etc, she also danced in many El flicks! Just as the western world was being deluged by scouse moptops this surf n twist got lost at the drive ins.

The opening bit with only the Dalemeister's twangplank being visible is reallly cool, left handed like that ex paratrooper from NW Us used to burn on stage at the hippy fests, Dick and the Del Tones tang their way through this Greek/Middle East folk tune with much aplomb, look out for the blond twister`s gyrations and the hey look at me mom looks of the somewhat star struck band who just look happy to be dodging double maths. Last year I saw a coupla young surfer dudes strolling past wearing t shirts palstered in Dick Dale 45 labels bu I`d bet evens they only ever know this song and that`s thanks to the fiction of pulp.

Shaun said summat about waxing down his woody but I`ll leave that to your imagination

Now if only ole Quentin (was his dad an ex con??) could get hold of my fav instro Upturn by Eddie Smith and the Hornets on Top Rank - - - - - - - - , I can just see Urma in white pvc go-go boots doing the watusi - - - -

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