Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week No.77 - Ray Doggett - It Hurts The One Who Loves You

Ray Doggett - It Hurts The One Who Loves You
Spade 1932

Ray Doggett was a middle sized rockabilly from the town called Sweetwater, Texas. That don’t mean he was 5 foot 9, it means he was a bigger artist than your one record wonder, but not quite a household name in the rockabilly world we live in. He was one of only a handful of singers to have a release on Bennie Hess’ little Spade label. Hess musta dug him (ooh, that’s corny) because he had two singles with him.
It Hurts The One Who Loves You was the second release and made enough impact in the small circle that Hess circulated in that the 45 was picked up by Decca Records. Unfortunately the bigger label didn’t net a hit record, something that was to hound Doggett (even cornier!).

It Hurts is so Elvisy’, with vocals that are the Memphis Flash to a tee. The only thing that says Texas not Tennessee to me is the backing vocal group. It sounds more like the Crickets or the Roses/Picks than say the Jordannaires. The musicians lay down a gentle rockin’ beat that was like the sort of rockaballad’s that adorned Elvis pre-Army catalogue. You can pick it up on Bear Family’s That’ll Flat Git It Vol. 9 – Decca release, the Best of Space CD or on some of those We Wanna Sound Like Elvis type CD’s. Sadly, Ray Doggett died of a heartattack in Nashville, TN in March 2002.

Recommended downloads: His first single, Go Go Heart is a hot rocker. No Doubt About It is a strong rocker with good backing vocals and a neat guitar solo. Whirlpool of Love is a bit poppier but definitely worth a listen. If you can get hold of it, Hydra Records’ LP, Doggone It Doggett will give you the lot. (BLK7709).

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