Friday, 2 October 2009

Rocket to Memphis - Hip Shakin' Voodoo

Rocket to Memphis - Hip Shakin' Voodoo
Raucous Records

This is the debut album from Australian four-piece psychobilly band Rocket to Memphis, released on Raucous Records. With two guys and two voodoo foxes, they are a band well worth checking out. The album title, Hip Shakin’ Voodoo pretty much tells you all you need to know. There’s a bit of a Cramps feel and look about them, with the band led by the delightfully named singer Betty Bombshell. Their website list their influences as “Toons from the devil's jukebox” – love it.

The CD opens with a couple of vampish numbers that both work well. No Kissing At The Hop has the heavy Stray Cats sound and it pulsates. Darggin’ Dave was nothing special, but Song Of The Swamp has it’s moments, sometimes sounding a bit like early Blondie.

Gator Stomp has an exotic beat, more South American than Louisiana. Guitarist Razor Jack Memphis plays great throughout but I particularly love the riff and solos he plays on Shake Your Hips (a hard rockabilly not to be confused with the Slim Harpo number). Voodoo Viv on bass and Death-Rattle Dave on drums keep the rhythm bang on.

Martian’s Ball and Sister were a bit too out of it for me, but I’m sure pure psycho’s will love them. Wolfman, Little Red Rocket and I Got Cramps end the album in fine style. If you’re looking for a slutty, darker version of Imelda May, Rocket To Memphis will hit your spot. Special mention as well to the great cover but artist and singer Vince Ray.

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