Saturday, 10 October 2009

Flip`s clips No.2 - Dave Dudley

If Chuck Berry had lusted over a big semi instead of Caddies then he coulda written and recorded this, the greatest trucking song of all time. Ladies 'n gentlemens I give you Mr Dave Dudley doing 6 Days On The Road on his debut Opry appearance in 1966 in absolutely magnificent retro-colour.

Dig the guitar, the Presley-Cash-ish slurring on the end of lines. Didn't the censors spot the Little White pills line, all this fuss bout Jagger/Morrison breaking the rules on Sullivan (hell Bo n Elvis did that in 55-57). This is the bible belt temple of American values here in Nashville and he gits away with that line, white line fever in deed.

There's only one decent Dudley CD and I think that is now deleted. So why have BF ignored the consistently great albums he did for Mercury in the 60s/70s, go figure ( I mean they`ve even done Pat Boone and that`s without a rope n feathers ----;-))).

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