Monday, 5 October 2009

Behind the scenes with Hayden Thompson at Hemsby

Shaun and I were invited along with Rod Pyke, to attend a final rehearsal by Hayden Thompson at Hemsby around 10 years ago, we chatted for ages before he sat at the piano and regaled us with impressions of JLL and Charlie Rich (an awesome On My Knees and a stunning Midnite Blues), had great stories such as being with JLL when he cut GBOF and that JLL gave him his red waistcoat that Hayden had admired, he sang several requests (songs that he didn't have time to do on stage at Hemsby such as his brill Boy From Tupelo) and did hilarious take offs of Elvis and especially Johnny Cash.

He stayed chatting for ages and even posed for pics with all of us having upturned collars and a sneer. This couple of hours was probably the most enjoyable Hemsby experience of all for me personally, a charming and gracious man, very like Carl Perkins.

Hayden is still a high class act on stage and on record, he's cut some great rockabilly and country cds in the last few years and apparently another rab cd with the great Barnshakers is in the pipeline. Here`s a great clip of Hayden doing Midnite Blues recently in Finland,superb backing which augurs well for the new CD.


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Mellow said...

I hope his new CD comes out soon, can't wait to get it!