Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week No.81 - Freddy Countryman

Freddy Countryman - Cocaine Blues

I know zip about Freddy Countryman, except for one thing - his version of the infamous Cocaine Blues is absolutly awesome. It's got a Johnny Cash backing but I just adore Countryman's vocals. This is the only song of his I've got, but I'd love to hear him do more of the uptempo country. When I listen to this I holler lawdy lawdy have mercy on me. I've heard his instro Back Up And Push band it's pretty good, but it's a waste of such a great voice. Looking at Terry Gordon's great site I see that Freddy Countryman had a handful of singles on the WED (Western Electronics Division) label out of Los Angeles. If you want his Cocaine Blues you can find it on the old Honkin' Billy LP (5552) which came out in 1994.

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kwproberts said...

I was wondering Where some of Freddy's recordings took place. I am his Nephew. I currently play cocaine blues in the style that I was taught which was by freddy and I would like to record it where he did. Follow in his foot steps rather.