Saturday, 26 September 2009

George Jones - White Lightnin' (youTube)

Check out this great clip of George Jones. From a tv show in 1962, he's got the old flat top that no-one can believe he ever had - it's so much better than the playdo wig he wears now! I think it's Gordon Terry taking the guitar solo, but what I love is the way the guys tweeak ol' Possum's ears at the end - just letting the steam out. Perhaps they should have followed him around and done that in the 70's when he was getting a bit hot under the collar from a bottle of bourbon too many.

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Mellow said...

Yes, that's Gordon Terry on the guitar, and look at the background band, that's the Tennessee Three with Luther Perkins, Marshall Grant and W.S. Holland! A great clip, I posted it some months ago on my blog. I think Gordon Terry and George Jones toured in the early 1960s quite a while with the Johnny Cash show.