Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Killer tops the 10 Biggest Trouble Makers in Music list

I've just come across a site looking at the 10 Biggest Trouble Makers in Music. In a group that includes Sid Vicious, Gary Glitter, Keith Moon and Steve Earle, you'll be glad to know that the Killer came first. The blurb below shows what they were looking for but offers no explanation as to why they chose each artist. I always find it a fascinating part of the Jerry Lee persona that he was a bad-ass mutha and I'm always proud that the public see him as that. But there's another side to JLL. He's got an amazing fan base, a number of whom have been able to call themselves not just fans but friends of his. Not many stars let their fans get this close, but Jerry Lee seems happy to have them around and between him, the band and this select group of fans there's a genuine affection. But hey, when you're looking for eccentric rock stars, Jerry's the man. He got it all.

"Rock ’n’ roll is not polite. It’s rude, full of bad taste, questionable morals, and unapologetic crassness. Or at least that's what's supposed to happen when it's good. Once upon a time, rock stars did not have media coaches. They did not play nice with American Idol judges, and they didn't sit down for pre-scripted morning talk show appearances.

Rock stars used to find glory in getting caught with their pants down — literally and figuratively. Their goal was to create more trouble than the rock star next to them. They lived life in the wild wide-open, unafraid that anyone might blush or judge them.

Those days are long gone. Now tattoos pass for rebellion and spontaneity has been usurped by publicity stunts. Ah, but once upon a time... it was glorious bedlam. In honor of the long-lost era bad behavior, here are our favorite music troublemakers."

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