Thursday, 17 September 2009

Rockin' Song of the Week No. 70 - Carlene Carter

Rockin' Song of the Week No. 70
Carlene Carter & Dave Edmunds - Baby Ride Easy

Carlene Carter is a result of a couple of minutes of rompy pompy between country legends Carl Smith and future Mrs Cash, June Carter. She is a country rock singer who has had some hardships along the way, together with some pretty good records. I like her bopper I Fell In Love in the early 90's but it's Baby Ride Easy that sums her up for me.

In the early 80's she was married to Rockpile's Nick Lowe who was starting to influence her sound. It resulted in Musical Shapes, Carter's third album. The best song, and only hit from the album, was Richard Dobson's Baby Ride Easy, a deut with the great Welsh rocker, Dave Edmunds.

It's got a rockabilly guitar line throughout and the their vocals compliment nicely.
The alternating lines were Americana fueled and came over like a modern day Johnny and June ala Jackson or If I Were A Carpenter. "If I drove a truck, And I were waitress, And I ordered coffee, And I poured you some. Then you'd stop by on your
way sometime later, And if we arm-wrestled, I'd say that you won".

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