Sunday, 13 September 2009

Mike Sanchez at Twinwood

Mike Sanchez and his band closed the proceedings on Sunday night and everything was made for a great show. The hot weather and beer had left everyone in a good mood and the open air arena made for the perfect setting. Well Mickey boy didn’t disappoint. With the whole atmosphere taken into account I would say that this is the best show I’ve seen him do, and that’s saying something. He exploded into life with the opener, Rocket 88 that would have had Jackie Brenston drooling. Two Sanchez regulars, I’m Hurtin’ Inside and Girls All Over The World followed together with Coalminer.

His version of the Geraint Watkins classic Deep In The Heart Of Texas was nothing short of breathtaking. He introduced Be My Guest as his favourite Fats Domino number before slaying all around with red Hot Mama which was enhanced with passages from Lucille, Good Golly Miss Molly and Tequila! Chuck’s Brown Eyed Handsome Man was done to a Bo Diddley beat and Oliver Darling even took the guitar solo Bo style. He was joined by Ricky Cool for a bit of hot rockin’ harmonica blues. It was Cool’s best contribution of the weekend. His Hula Boola Boys closed the whole event on Monday and I thought they’d be good having seen them back Mike Sanchez many moons ago in Aberystwyth. This time they were shocking. It was funky and had no place at an event like this. The same can’t be said of Mike Sanchez and his band – they should be the first band booked every year.

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